Jet 1442 VSK Lathe for sale *LINK*

Clem Wixted
>I have a barely used Jet 1442 VSK lathe. I bought it last April from a person in NJ that got it the previous August. He used it for a few hours and decided to stay with flatwork. Before I traveled on vacation in June to get it I got a deal on a Powermatic 3520A and started using it before I went from Arkansas to NJ to pick up the 1442. I set up the 1442 and checked everything out. I thought I would use both of them but I havenít used it and doubt that I ever will. The 42 inch length is nice but I think Iím heading to doing bowls. Rather than have it continue to take up valuable space in my small shop I thought I would sell it and use the money for accessories for my 3520.

It comes with all of the original accessories and there is no charge for the dust it has picked up sitting next to the Powermatic. This lathe has the leg kit. The headstock swivels and can be moved anywhere along the bed. That means you can remove the tailstock and hang the headstock off the end and do larger turnings than 14 inches if you have an outboard tool rest. The variable speed control is a Reeves drive and it works smoothly. All of the specs are below.

I am offering this on a few woodturning forums for $625 picked up. Itís pretty heavy but one strong person can handle it, if it is taken apart.

I am located in Northeast Arkansas and I would prefer not to get involved with shipping. I could travel a little for the price of gas. (I get lousy gas mileage on my F250)


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Jet 1442 VSK Lathe for sale *LINK*
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