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Tom Cannon
>Rick, I'd surely concede that there are fewer W&Hs out there than table saws but that really doesn't go to the point. W&H has been in business since the 1950s and, after almost 60 years, one would have to assume they made a fair number of these little machines. I stand by my contention that W&Hs rarely turn up used because they are versatile, essentially unbreakable, and often indespensible. Ask someone who owns one whether they'd be interested in parting with it and you'll see what I mean. To your other points, a large proportion of the Chinese made machines entering the US are sourced from just a few factories. Because of that, its not uncommon to see what is essentially the same jointer, planer etc sold under a variety of different brand names, ShopFox, Grizzly, Jet etc. Look carefully at the Bridgewood and ShopFox W&H "clones" and you'll likely see that its the same machine under the paint and badging. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, me to mine and you to yours. That said, the reason that old Delta, Powermatic, Walker Turner and similar US made machines of the post WWII era are commanding increasingly large dollars is that some woodworkers appreciate that that this was the "golden age" of light commercial duty machinery and no one is going to match it, much less improve on it. To my mind, the W&H is one of the very few machines that is still made to that standard. It bothers me that the Chinese are ripping off the basic design,importers are undercutting the price, and one more great little American company will probably have to hold on by its teeth.

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