50" Jet Table Saw Fence, Beisemeyer Clone *LINK* *PIC*

John M in Mid Mich
>Jet XactaFence Premier 50" with micro-adjust.
Asking Price: $225.00
Shipping: Local Pickup Preferred
Click on the link below for more pictures and info!

For Sale is a like new Jet Xacta Fence II Premier with micro adjusting mechanism. Includes the long (50") rails (actually, the rail is 84" long, but it is called "50 inch" because that is its capacity for cuts on the right side of the blade if mounted in standard position). This is Jet's Beisemeyer clone. It is a very rigid, heavy duty fence. With the micro-adjust mechanism, however, it is very easy to achieve very high levels of accuracy.

This fence currently sells new on Amazon for $349:
It is also identical to the HTC HTC950 Commercial Table Saw Multi-Fence System with 50" Rails which sells for $399 on Amazon:
HTC offers replacement face pieces and several accessories, such as a router fence with dust collection.

The fence will bolt right onto many Jet saws, but may require some drilling of bolt holes on some others. No reason not to use on virtually any saw (though web reports suggest that contractor-style saws may need outboard support legs or the weight of the rails (heavy = strong) will tip the saw. The owners manual, with mounting instructions, can be found here in PDF format:

Why am I selling this? I own an Incra Ultra System router fence, and want to use it with the router on my saw, so am switching to the Incra table saw fence.This Jet fence is practically brand new (purchased the saw new in Fall 2002, but I got sidelined with health issues, so it didn't get used much until recently).

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50" Jet Table Saw Fence, Beisemeyer Clone *LINK* *PIC*
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