FS Reclaimed antique Mahogany

Matthew Dworman
>I have over 2000 BF of 100 year old mahogany removed from an office building built in 1906. The mahogany is beautiful and most if it is straight grained 1/4 sawn. Many panels are 12-18" w x 24-28" l x 3/8" thick. Also have 4/4" and 5/4" boards from 4-18" wide and 8-16 feet+ long
100 BF quantities for $22/bf
500 BF quantities for $18/bf
and 1000 BF quantities for $12-15/bf depending on type of material (boards or panels)
I also have hundreds of linear feet of moldings - cove, chair rail, door, and crown which will be sold by the linear foot.

I have 10 doors which measure 7'8" x 35 1/2" x 1 7/8" with original hardware.

This wood is absolutely amazing and must be seen to be apreciated. Absolutely ideal for reproduction peices.
100 year old wood is extremely stable
Please e-mail me at matthew(at)

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