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Fred in NC
>Before doing this, I contacted Ellis, who graciously allowed me to post this in this forum.

About a year ago I wanted an indexing setup for my Jet Mini. I could not find anything that could just bolt on without drilling the headstock. So I designed my own. The result can be seen in the pic. My posting in the penturner's forum resulted in a lot of inquiries, I made a number of plates for the members of the group. A very few are left.

The plate is made from cabinet grade aluminum, 1/16" thick, and 6" in diameter. It has a 1" hole for the spindle, and 24 holes precision drilled 15 degrees apart. It will fit any lathe with a 1" spindle. The only change needed for a 12" lathe is to make the indexing arm 1" longer.

Behind the plate is a UHMW 1/4" by 2" washer with a 1" hole. The plate is being held with a 1-8 nut, but of course you can use a faceplate or chuck, since the plate is big enough to clear it and allow the indexing pin to go in.

The indexing pin is made from a 10-24 cap bolt, and the end is tapered 5 degrees for a precision fit in the holes.

The "banjo" part that holds the indexing arm is made from hardwood, as is the nut that holds it under the lathe bed.

I have a complete set of instructions on how to assemble and use the plate, plus a drawing of the wood parts and indexing arm. I can also furnish the indexing pin if desired, since it is best turned in a metal lathe.

If you are interested in one of these plates, please email me, just change the "AT" in my email address for the usual "@". Please understand that I will be gone for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Plates are $20, and pins $2.50. I also have some washers left. It all fits in a Priority envelope, well packed in a corrugated cardboard folder.

Thank you for looking, and thanks Ellis !!!

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