Re: beginner-collector seeking wood samples *LINK*

Larry Fox
>Rick, you might be able to put this together on the cheap if you are willing to comp folks for shipping some of their off-cuts to you. This is assuming that you don't want pieces that are of any substantial size. I know for myself, I can give you a small piece of each of; Eastern White Pine, Mahogony, Cherry, Soft Maple, Walnut, Poplar and Red Oak. I have a pile waiting to be thrown into the fireplace. An offcut of each, say 3"x6"x1" (thick) in a box should not cost that much to ship to NM and you have covered off 7 species in one shot. That said, you should really call a hardwood supplier and ask them about their offcuts. Last time I was in Groff & Groff's in Oxford PA they had a huge pile of them with a variety of species which appeared to be bound for someone's woodstove.

Give these guys a call, they are very helpful and might be able to hook you up.

If you want the stuff from me, send me a PM.


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beginner-collector seeking wood samples
Re: beginner-collector seeking wood samples *LINK*
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