Router mate (overarm router) *PIC*

>Description below from PNI site. Like new condition used for one job and stored for several years.
Paid approx $1000.00 sell for $650.00. Buyer pays shipping costs, I will package. From Seattle area.


Router Mate
Here is a unique PNI concept that gives users all the benefits of a precision routing machine without all the costs. Router Mate lets you mount a portable router on a rigid cast iron frame and base. The router's vertical travel is controlled with foot-actuated compressed air. Using a pedal, the operator is free to use both hands for the work. The 18" throat provides ample production capacity and a 7-1/2" clearance allows for a stroke up to 5-1/8". Guide pins of 1/2", 3/8", 5/16" and 1/4" diameter are standard equipment and insert collars are available to fit all popular router motors.
Router Mate is equipped with special lugs to fit any regular work bench or table surface available. It can also be used with the specially designed PNI bench available as an optional extra. Either way, Router Mate's performance pays big dividends.

Router Mate - Uses

The Router Mate over arm pin routing system allows you to feed a work piece across a table while a cutter above the surfaces shapes or grooves the stock. Unlike a Router Table, the Router Mate Pin Router features a metal pin that follows a pattern while the bit aligned above it replicates the design on the work piece. The Router Mate is excellent for:

Template or Pattern Routing
Inside and Outside Cut-Outs
Straight Grooving Cuts
Rabbetting Cuts
Decorative Edging
Now Portable Routers Can Do More Work, Make More Profit

Foot control pedal for fast, convenient operation.
Cast in lugs for rigid table/bench mounting.
Permanent guide pin receptacle for proper alignment with router bits.
Guide pin holder keeps guide pin secure.
Precision ground work platform assures accuracy.
Cast formed holder fits most popular routers.
Valves control up-down router speed.
Cast iron frame provides essential rigidity.
Template beneath material being routed increases view of work piece.

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