Barely used Lathe (BIG) for sale-dilema!

Haugen of Western WI.
>I acquired in July of this year a lathe that was used for three day in Kansas for the AAW show. It was set up at a booth, recrated and sold to the Woodsmith Store of Des Moines, IA. It is a General International 16" swing and 42" between centers, it is 1 1/2 HP 220v inverter wired for 110v-electronic varible speed for 0 to 3750. The model number is 25-650. New they are 2200 plus, on sale the cheapest I have seen them is 1785.00. Not a scratch on it, new condition. I'm not really eager to part with it, being it is only 4 months old and paid for. However the dilema is this I have been contacted to make a product for a rather large group and the lathe is incredibly big for it. They are other tools (toys) that I really should add to the shop to help with it, like a drill press and I could really do this on a smaller lathe. I thought I will post it, it sells fine, shopping trip because I will have more room in the shop. If it doesn't well then some (ok, a heck of a lot) small pieces will be made on it.

I would post it at $1,000.00 or best offer, trades could be a option!!!

I can be contacted by email at or by phone at 608-790-4555, voice mail and also my home number.

thanks for your time,

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Barely used Lathe (BIG) for sale-dilema!
Re: Barely used Lathe (BIG) for sale-dilema!
The Lathe is NO longer for SALE!!!!
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