Looking for beach sand for sand shading...

Brian Gray in Sandusky, OH
>Odd request here...

I've been on a hunt for a while now for the best sand for sand-shading marquetry.

The sand that I can get from local Lake Erie is too granular. Same with standard play-sand from the hardware store. I've also checked the pet-stores for the sand that you line a fish tank with, but same deal.

I've been using super-fine sand-blasting sand for a long time now, but a friend of mine brings up a good point that due to silica content, most sandblasting sand carries a carcinogen warning.

Is there anyone out there who lives near an ocean beach that is willing to scoop up some sand for me? The finer, the better.

I'm willing to ship a containter, and cover all costs.

I know that this is a strange request, but I've reach this point. Email me if you can help.

Brian Gray

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