Bridge City Tool Works items for sale.

Ron Milbach
>I have over 40 new, in the box Bridge City Tool Works items for sale. Many are of the rare ROSEWOOD that Bridge City Tool Works no longer uses in their products and many are the collectable Signature Series. All these tools are tool number 2411.
AMS-7 $92.00 Adjustable Miter Square
AS-7 $92.00 Adjustable Try Square/Sig. Series
BS-10 $105.00 Rosewood/Transfer Bevels
CS-12 $150.00 Rosewood/Combination Square
CS-6 $84.00 Combination Square/Rosewood/Sig Series 2411
MG-1 $110.00 Marking Gage/Rosewood-very rare
MS-96 $144.00 Walking Stick/ Sig Series 2411
PV-1 $149.00 Rosewood/Pin Vise Sig Series 2411
SS-DT $107.00 Rosewood/Saddle Dovetail Square 8.1/6.1
SS-4 $70.00 Rosewood/Saddle Square 4”
SS-2x4 $68.00 Rosewood/Hybrid Saddle Square 2”x4”
SS-2 $66.00 Rosewood/Saddle Square 2”
JM-1 $150.00 Jointmaker Package: Make hand-cut dovetails. Inc. 2 JM-1, Jointmakers 6”, 18”, 24” paring guides and precision guide blocks.
RS-18 $400.00 Ultimate Ruler System! No longer made by Bridge City Tool Works. Kit in sections 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 trammel heads, rolling Ruler Kit storyboard indicators and hook ruler.
Buyer pays all shipping expenses from Sikeston, MO 63801. If you are looking for something else, please e-mail me at I can take pictures and e-mail you.

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