mini-Biscuit Joiners, Clamps, etc. *PIC*

Mike Stafford
I have two lightly used Ryobi DBJ-50 Detail biscuit joiners from my days as a box maker. I also have 16 jars of R3 and R2 mini-biscuits suitable for stock as thin as 3/8" These tools are wonderful for reinforcing mitered corners of box sides, trays etc. The Detail biscuit joiners are no longer being made and sold for $80 originally. The jars of mini-biscuits can still be purchased for $9.99

I also have two replacement blades for these mini-biscuit joiners. One is a an OEM replacement blade in high speed steel and the second is a carbide blade. Neither have been used as the blades last a long time. I also have two sets of Ryobi surface mount hinges, one in chrome and one in polished brass, that fit in rabbets cut with the R3/largest setting. The carbide blade sells for $25 alone.

Lastly I have four Wolfcraft and/or Craftsman band clamps with corner blocks for clamping boxes and trays together. These work great as you can tighten the straps until they twang like a banjo string.

I prefer to sell the entire package for one price and I am offering it at $150 + shipping.

I am located in zip code 27804 in North Carolina.

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