Carba-tec Threading Jigs


I have a Carbatec Threadmaster threading jig setup with (3) spindles. The factory jig readily mounts to a mini lathe or easily adapts to a larger lathe with a riser block mounted between the ways and the jig. I have been using this threader with a riser block on a 12" Jet clone lathe. Threader works similar to other threaders with a 60 degree cutter mounted in the lathe head-stock with a collet and drawbar to hold the cutter secure. Once the jig is clamped to the ways you can advance the work piece with the spindle thread handle. The work piece can be advanced or retracted from the cutter wheel using the other adjustment wheel with numerical indicator. Work piece can be test fitted and brought back to original position for final cut and fit of threads. Like new condition. Photos are posted on AAW forum marketplace.
Please contact for inquiries. $275.00 plus shipping

(1) Carbatec Threading Jig
(1) 4-TPI Threading Spindle w/handle and Steel Bushings
(1) 3/4-16 x 2" face plate for 4-TPI threading spindle
(1) 3/4" 60-Degree Cutter
(1) 3/8" MT-2 Collet
(1) 3/8" x 12" threaded draw-rod
(1) 3/8" locking hand-wheel for draw-rod
(1) 1" diameter bed ways clamp
(1) 1-1/2" diameter bed ways clamp

I have also added a 10-TPI and 16-TPI spindle w/handles and face plates for each spindle.
The additional spindles have threaded bushings that fit into the jig.
(1) 10-TPI Threading Spindle w/handle with Delrin Bushings
(1) 16-TPI Threading Spindle w/handle with Delrin Bushings
(1) 3/4-16 3" Face Plate
(1) 3/4-10 3" Face Plate
(1) 3/4-16 x 1-8 threaded bushing

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