FS: VicMarc VM100 chuck with several jaw sets

Dave Shombert
Downsizing continues. I have a VicMarc VM100 chuck (the smaller of the two that they sell) with the chuck key and the following jaw sets for sale:

Standard jaws
4" dovetail jaws
Step jaws - only two steps, apparently they no longer make these.
Needle (?) jaws - dovetail jaws that are tapered and fit into a 1" opening. I don't see these in the Packard catalog, but that's where I got them. The point was to extend the work away from the chuck; they might have been called "extension needle jaws" or some such.
14" adjustable bowl jaws with grippers
Two large and two small faceplate rings.

I also have the woodworm screw & some miscellaneous extras.

As near as I can tell, this is over $500 worth of stuff. It's all been used and shows it, but everything works fine and it's yours for $230. I think it'll all fit in a large Flat Rate box, so add $20 for shipping. PayPal or your personal check is fine. Photos available if you need them.

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