FS: General model 690 15" bandsaw

Dave Shombert
I'm moving in a few months, so I'm downsizing the shop. I have a General model 690 bandsaw for sale, in excellent condition. In case you're not familiar with the General (made in Quebec) line, their model 490 is a 15-inch saw that has about six inches between the guides. Mine is the 690, which is also a 15-inch saw but has 12 inches between the guides. It's basically a 490 with a riser block. I bought it new (for about $3,000) about seven years ago. It has a 2 HP, 220V motor. I've added a dust collection port and an LED light that works well plus the General fence with a resaw fence added to it. Blade length is 110 inches. I also have a large plywood extension table that I made for it. All of that is yours for $1200. This is a very well made machine, excellent quality cast iron, that weighs over 400 pounds; the saw frame can be taken off the steel cabinet stand for transporting if needed. It's located in Elkins, WV. Photos available on request.

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FS: General model 690 15" bandsaw
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