Spiers Smoothing Plane with Replacement Iron

david weaver
I've got too many infills. I like this one, but have three of the same style. infills are probably brazilian, so this is domestic only.

If you're looking to try one of these without spending mega bucks, and you want one that works well, this may be a good idea.

Type: Spiers, open handle smoother. Dovetailed - 8" sole, 9 1/2" total length to the back of the handle
Infills: Original, with significant wear and marking, but unbroken. rosewood (presumably brazilian - will not ship overseas).
Sole: flattened, but not polished. Functionally able to smooth a flat surface with fine shavings.
Iron: Partially flattened - you can take it further if you want, but it'll work as is without issue
Cap iron - edge trued, rounded and polished - setup up for use
Iron and cap: replacements. I. Sorby cap. 2 1/8" wide. Iron is laminated and unmarked but fits properly. In feel, similar to O1 about 60 hardness on the stones
Weight: just under 4 pounds
Hand size: suitable for people with width across the knuckles up to about 3 3/4". Three fingers go under the handle, and that won't happen comfortably if you're bigger than that. The horn of the handle prevents trying to use comfortably, if you have bigger hands, a different plane is a better idea.
Mouth: reasonably fine, but not laser fine. two hundredths? Not sure.

No adjuster on this plane, and unbroken handle is less common than broken. A decent user that works well, and in a lower more typical vintage weight that is practical for heavy use.

Price: $200 plus $14 shipping USPS priority. Paypal or US POMO is fine.

10% goes back to wood central.

(pictures late tonight or early tomorrow)

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Spiers Smoothing Plane with Replacement Iron
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