FS: Vintage hand tools

Dave Shombert
Awhile back, I inquired here about the best place to sell some vintage hand tools. Several people recommended eBay and that's where I'm going to list them, but I thought I'd post them here first. I've looked at what similar tools are bringing on eBay and have used that as a guide on my prices. All are in excellent condition, some have almost never been used. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping unless noted otherwise. Photos available on request. I'll wait a week or so before posting them on eBay.

They are:

Stanley no. 71 1/2 router plane - $100
Stanley no. 80 scraper plane - $30
Stanley no. 45 multi-plane - $100 + $15 shipping
Cutter Box No. 1, contains beading cutters for No. 45 plane - $40
Cutter Box No. 2, contains dado & plow cutters for No. 45 plane - $40
Stanley no. 79 rabbet plane - $75
Stanley no. 93 rabbet plane - $$60
Lie-Nielsen dowel plate - $40
Record no. 778 rabbet plane - $80 + $15 shipping
Record no. 020c compass plane - $75 + $15 shipping

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