Wood of all typs selling it cheep

Bill clinton
We have oak , red cedar, paducah, walnut ,cherry, lace wood, hickory, ash,furniture grade poplar,some inlay woods, size from 1 to6 inch’s thick for 3 foot to 20 foot long lengths and a lot of burl wood: there are different types -I have one piece of burl that is 5 foot long 33 inches wide and 4 inches thick. I have three different kinds of burI: I have the big piece the size of a large coffee table then I have 12 squares ‪on 5/8‬ cabinet plywood and then I have a room that was 14 by 18 foot that had a drop ceiling of 5/8 thick cabinet plywood with burl veneer/ it was in the room that had the walnut walls that were 1 inch thick of solid walnut. I also have a lot of oak that was 4 foot panels that went down a long staircase. We have a barn full of wood and trim all stored in a dry barn.
Moving to Florida so I am making deals

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