FS: Many turning tools

Dave Shombert
Downsizing continues. I have a bunch of turning tools for sale, listed below. Some have been used more than others, but all are in good to excellent condition. PayPal (fees included) or money order, shipping to be negotiated. It'll depend on what you buy and where you are. I'll consider reduced prices if you buy more than one thing. Here's the list:

Kelton coring tool (original) - $80
Oneway faceplates (1 1/4 x 8) - $40 (8 inch), $30 (6 inch), $20 (4 inch)
Pair of inside/outside digital calipers - $40 for both
Kelton vessel calipers - $25
Veritas deep vessel calipers - $20
John Jordan hollowers (large) with handles & armbrace - $150
Sorby Sovereign handle, 16” $40
Sorby Sovereign handle, 22” $50
Sorby Turnmaster tool with basic cutters in HSS. Santa brought me this and I never used it. $75
Ray Key skew chisel, 1/2 inch, $25
Hamlet detail gouge, 11/2 inch, $25
Ray Key 2-way shear scraper, $35
Sorby box scraper, $25

I also have a Ryobi power carving tool (a gem, and it's long discontinued) in excellent condition, case & some cheesy bits included, for $40.

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