(Sort of) free Performax 16-32

Hoa in Alameda
Excellent Performax 16-32 (I think it is now Jet 16-32 Plus) - the one with 1.5 HP motor and 4" dust port. You'll need a truck or a van to pick it up in Union City, CA.

It comes with infeed/outfeed tables and casters. I'll add several rolls of sandpaper if I can find them.

I'd like to give priority to the current or former members of:

- US Armed Forces
- Police/sheriffs
- Fire fighters
- Park rangers

to claim this item until 12:00 noon Monday Feb 19 (CA time). Afterward, it, if still available, will be open to everyone.

There is a string attached: you'll make a donation (or donations) to a charity organization of your choice, your place of worship, or WoodCentral. You don't have to tell me any detail, just "I did it" is sufficient.

If you'd like to claim this, please post a reply here. I will then contact you to arrange pick-up. Sending an email message to me doesn't count.

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(Sort of) free Performax 16-32
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Still available
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It's Phil's. *NM*
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