Molding planes, hollows and rounds *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Left to Right

1.Union Factory, Warrented, H. Chapin, 1 ½”
2. Sargent and Company, 632, 1 ¼”
3. A. Howland and Co., C. H. & L., J. G. White, 1 3/16”
4. Joseph Marples, Corporate Mark, Trial 1, C. Finck, 14, 1 1/8”
5. D. R. Barton, Rochester, T. Mc Kensil 14, 1”
6. Grice, 6, 3/8”

Copied above is what is stamped on them.

I have decided I am not a molding plane person. These were all bought from reputable dealers and they are in good order. Some have been polished and honed and ready to use and some need to be. None of the blades are in a state that would make them difficult to make sharp. $18 each, $15 each for more than one, and $75 for all of them. Plus actual postage by what ever means you desire. email or call 423 357 4850 Church Hill, TN

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