Re: Complete Turning Shop For Sale

Barbara Gill
I went to the shop to try to take pictures but realized it really was a useless trip. My turning equipment is in a small, poorly lit section of a cinder block building. There are shelves of equipment, supplies and wood, all covered with dust. One Christmas season after finishing a commission which I really was sorry I had accepted, I walked out and never returned to turn. Over my turning career I acquired so many tools and so much support equipment a photograph could not possibly show what is there. The reason the price is so low is that I have no desire to clean the shop and display everything.

Additionally this is why I am selling everything as a unit rather than breaking it up and selling/shipping items by themselves. If you are interested enough to come see what is there I will be happy to show you. If you come Wednesday - Sunday you can have the additional experience of eating at Something Different in Urbanna.

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