Complete Turning Shop For Sale

Barbara Gill
After due consideration I have decided to sell all of my turning equipment. I live in Remlik VA. My list is only partial. There are many more tools and supplies than are listed below. I also have a considerable supply of Tulip Poplar root burl that can be included if the purchaser wants it. I have no desire to pack it all up so the purchaser will need to come get it all. I am asking $6000 for everything. If you are interested in visiting to see the equipment, let me know.

Oneway 1640 1 1/2 hp lathe with bed extension and all outboard accessories including tailstock riser and toolrest.
Stronghold and Titan chucks with extra jaws and Jumbo Button Jaws
Gast vacuum system with 5" and 3" chucks plus supplies to make your own chucks- lathe spindle tap and Forster bit
Jamison Hollowing rig with laser and heavy duty bar
McNaughton Bowl Saver with laser
Oneway Steady Rest
Indexing ring with homemade platform
MaNaughton Handle with collets
McNaughton Scraper
Tools too numerous to list
Burn Master Eagle with two ports
WeCheer with foot control plus burr assortment and carving attachment
Numerous tool rests
Beale Buffing System
Plus all sandpaper, Niles stainless stoppers, and many other supplies

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