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Kirby Books *PIC*

Ellis Walentine
John K Jordan has dug further into his vast and esoteric collection of stuff to unearth yet another treasure he'd like to donate to the WoodCentral cause. This time, it's a mini-collection of -- wait for it -- AUTOGRAPHED copies of three classics by Ian Kirby, who has held forth for over half a century on woodworking and furnituremaking in his inimitable way.

These three books were edited and published in 1998 and 1999 by John Kelsey, owner and founder of the venerable Cambium Press imprint and renowned editor emeritus of Fine Woodworking magazine. The books are replete with illustrative black & white photos and hundreds of illustrations hand-drawn by Kirby himself.

Kirby, now almost 88 years old and still designing and making furniture at his home in Connecticut, was brought up in the British Arts & Crafts tradition and is a proponent of that woodworking style and process. These books are gems. I hope you will consider making the winning contribution to WoodCentral that will put them on your bookshelf.

Thanks, John, for another nice contribution to the cause. Auction closes in one week -- Saturday, March 27 at 11:59 pm.


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Kirby Books *PIC*
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