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Cut & Dried *PIC*

Ellis Walentine
JK Jordan has informed me that he has an EXTRA (still wrapped in the original cellophane) copy of the modern classic, Cut & Dried, written by our friend Richard Jones (alias Sgian Dubh) and published by Chris Schwarz's Lost Art Press.

John has asked me to offer this authoritative volume to this esteemed group as a "Benefit Auction," with the proceeds going into the WoodCentral till. This is a $65 book (plus shipping) if you buy it anywhere else.

So, if you are interested, please post your bid in response to this opener and join the chase. Let's start the bidding at $40 and see where it goes from there. John will ship it anywhere Media Mail delivers, or anywhere else if you pay the difference. Bidding will close on Tuesday, March 9 at midnight. I'll acknowledge the successful bid the next day, and once I receive the payment (PayPal preferred, credit card acceptable), I'll send your shipping information to John and he'll ship your prize. You'll have one of the most exhaustive and entertaining volumes of woodworking wisdom for your library.

Thanks for supporting this humble outpost.

Ellis Walentine

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