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Old Carpenter's Chest *PIC*

Randy Johnson
I bought this toolbox at an auction years ago with the intention of restoring it. I have accepted the fact that it ain’t gonna happen, and while it isn’t huge, it is still big enough to be in the way. I will post exact dimensions later.
From a scraped area on the bottom, I think the principle wood might be mahogany. I have no idea if the round head tacks are original to the box or added later. I have a few other carpenter chests that are nowhere near as well made as this one. This one has some style.
The winning bidder would have to come get it because it is HEAVY. There is a possibility of partial delivery to anyone going to the Woodworking in America event in Cincy or the OVWG Symposium this coming weekend. I will be at the OVWG event all three days and could meet with someone going to the other event at any point as far east as Miamitown, OH.
The user # 6 type 11 (the sole is ok, but the sides have a bad case of acne) and round bottom rabbet plane are included in the deal.
The auction will run until noon next Thursday, Sept 28, EST.
100% of proceeds to go to Woodcentral.

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