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For Turners: Steel Handle Insert (Ferrule) *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>Up for auction to benefit Woodcentral is a tool handle insert, for interchangeable 3/8" shafts. The insert is drilled and tapped for a 1/4-20 setscrew or thumbscrew. It fits into a 1/2" hole drilled in the end of your handle, to be epoxied or CA glued in. Machined from 3/4" diameter cold-rolled steel, 2" long.

This insert is great for the Alan Lacer hook tool, a 3/8" round skew, a pyramid tool, a skewchigouge, or any tool with a 3/8" shaft. The picture below shows the insert next to one of my own handles, holding a double-ended tool--the end showing is a skew edge, and the other has a skewchigouge grind.

The idea came to me from Lacer, who had one of his own making when he demoed for our club a couple years ago. I've been turning these on my metal lathe and selling to fellow club members for $12 each.

The impetus for this auction is from JL, on the turning forum, who sent me non gratis a cardboard tube of various types of plastic film which came in handy in more ways than one for my phrugal photo booth. In fact, a piece of metallized film was used for the backdrop surface of the image below. Neat looking, eh? The original plan was for me to just pay for shipping, and when I asked JL what he needed he suggested I make a $10 donation to WC--so this is my attempt at his request.

If a winning bid is short of $10, I'll put up another $5 myself--even if it ends at $9.98. $9.99 is a different story, however ;) I'll consider that good enough. So I'll start the bidding at $5, and end the auction at midnight CST Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006. I'll figure out the payment details later. I'll pay for shipping.

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For Turners: Steel Handle Insert (Ferrule) *PIC*
$10 it is.
I'll make it $12.00 *NM*
And I'll make it $15 *NM*
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