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Chairmaker's Devil --New Deadline 2/25! *PIC*

Skip in Falls Church
>In trying to "do my part" for Wood Central I'm offering a Chairmaker's Devil for acution. The body is made from Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and the clamping block is made from apple. The clamping block is secured to the body by two 1/4 - 20 brass machine screws that screw into brass inserts. The blade is made from a piece taken from an impulse harded saw. The blade is not beveled but is filed flat and cut to match the mouth. The wear plate is made from brass.

The devil is 12" long and 1 1/4" high and the opening is about 1/3 arc of a 1 1/8" circle. The wood is unfinished so that the winner can finish it in any way they desire.

The auction will end at 2 PM EST on Saturday February 25, 2006. I will announce the winner and notify them by email. If anyone has any questions or would like more pictures, feel free to email me.


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