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Custom Carbide Burnisher

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>For the benefit of WoodCentral, I am offering this custom made carbide, brass and cocobolo burnisher.

This burnisher incorporates extreme carbide tooling, as offered by Andy Lincoln at The Ultimate Burnisher. When I receive it, these carbides still need fettling. I polish the carbide down to 0.4 diamond on a rock maple substrate, leaving a mirror finish. Wear and finish characteristics of this carbide are unsurpassed.

The ferrule is solid, machined, polished brass, threaded onto the handle. The hand turned cocobolo, Dalbergia retusa, handle is finished with Loxahatchee Toolworks Frog Polish (walnut oil and orange shellac, friction polished, followed by Johnson Paste Wax). Each handle is unique.

This tool will help you to put the finest hooks on your hardest Sweedish Saw Steel card scrapers, on the blades of your #12, #80, #85 and #112 scraper planes, and even on your HSS turning scrapers.

Use the Post Response Button to place your bids here in reply to this message. Please include your bid amount in the subject line. All bids must be in $U.S. E-mail bids will not be accepted. The card scraper in the photograph is not included in the auction.

Auction will end at High Noon, EST, Friday January 27, 2006. At that time, I will announce the winner here and will also notify the winner via e-mail. The winner will send their donation to Ellis Walantine at WoodCentral, P.O. BOX 493, SPRINGTOWN, PA 18081, including their name and address. When Ellis receives the donation, he will notify me, and I will mail the burnisher to the winner via USPS. If you think you have won this auction, please keep me in the loop, via e-mail.

You can do your part to support WoodCentral by winning this auction. I try do my part in several ways, including answering question on the forums, hosting the hand tool chat, moderating, deleting spam, and building this tool for auction. You can encourage me to try this again by bidding.

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