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Books for Sale - donations to WC *LINK*

>I have a list of WW books up on Ebay. Anyone who wins an auction and notifies me, at checkout or by email, he/she saw it on WC -- I will donate half the net to Ellis. The list is posted with ISBN numbers so you can read reviews and check out prices. All have Buy-It-Now's or you can bid. They run until next sunday 1/22/06. Remeber if win one, you have to notify me you saw in WC. I would have just done the list here (like I did last time but there are so many books I needed the way to manage everything so Ebay it is). I will post a list of what was sold and how much Ellis gets after I ship everything.

You can see the list on Ebay at the link at the bottom of the message or you can search on my Ebay ID - mcody99

The list is below:

The Handplane Book -- Garret Hack 1-56158-371-0
Mission Furniture You can Build - John Wagner 1-57630-040-4
Workbenches & SHop Furniture - Nick Engler 0-7621-0223-3
Wood Lathe Projects for Fun & Profit - Dick Sing 0-88740-675-0
Woodshop Jigs & Fixtures - Sandor Nagyszalanczy 1-56158-073-2
Masterpieces of Shaker Furniture - Andrews 0-486-40724-1
The Toolbox Book - Jim Toplin 1-56158-272-7
The Techniques of Sprial Work (lathe) - Stuart Mortimer 094193634-1
In the Craftsman Style - Tauton Books - 1-56158-398-7
Box-Making Basics - David Freedman - 1-56158-123-2
Shop-Tested Woodworking Tools You Can Make - Wood Mag - 069620745-1
Making Beautiful Boxes w/Inlay Techniques - Stowe - 1-55870-443-4
Fixing/Avoiding Woodworking Mistakes - Nagyszalanczy - 1-56158-097-x
Measured Dws of Shaker Furniture & Woodware - Handberg - 0-936399-20-1
The Caner's Handbook - Miller & Widess - 0-937274-60-7
Cane,Rush,Willow - Weaving w/nat materials by Burns - 1-55209-260-7
Veneering, Marquetry, and Inlay - FWW Books - 1-56158-119-4
Making Authentic Shaker Furniture - Shea - 0-486-27003-3
Classic Hand Tools - Garret Hack - 1-56158-273-5
Home Storage Projects - Paul Anthony - 1-56158-498-3

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Books for Sale - donations to WC *LINK*
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