Turning Archive 2006

Cutting Bowl/Urn Segments

David Lykins - Marietta GA - guitardude
>I'm in the process of making an Pet Urn for my roomates dog. I downloaded the trial version of Woodturner Pro, what a cool program for segmented turnings. This is my first attempt at making a segmented piece.

Anyway, I've got all the segments calculated by the software and I was wonder what is the best way to cut these segments?

I've cut one segment out of some scrap by cutting off one end at the specific angle (in this case everything is 15 degrees) and then make a stop and set it for the specific length of the outer edge, like 1-29/32" to cut it exact. My second attempt came out great and I glued up the pieces to make sure I that it came out OK after the glueup.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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