Turning Archive 2006

Thoroughly off topic

David Breth
>This morning I was awakened by a ringing phone - about an hour and a half before usual wakeup. The phone is downstairs, but super-loud, so it shakes the rafters and I was quite able to hear it.

I knew I would never get there before the machine would cover, so I let the machine have it, figured I'd deal later. Five minutes later same thing. Five minutes later same thing. I went downstairs. It happened again. I picked up. One little electronic "zoop" sound and that's it. I put down the phone. The process continued. I traced the call, then called the number back.

A Fax Machine.

Perfect. A brainless machine. I called Verizon's 24 hour support line, but learned they are only open from 8am - 5pm (yes, you read that correctly). So I did a reverse lookup online to see if I could find out a business name associated with the fax machine so I could call to make this stop. No dice. So, I do what I should have from the start, which is disconnect the phone. Could not fall back asleep to save my life. When I got to work, I sent a fax to the fax machine to tell them to knock it off. Fax machine was busy. No way - how could that be? Sent a second fax. Hopefully this solves it.

Result: I have a couple of Samsonites under my eyes and a little tiny axe to grind.

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