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Bubba up and shot the *PIC*

Roger Smith
>Bubba got the old 45 and took aim. I have been walking around and moving a ugly piece of wood with a black eye staying at me for a year. I decided last week to do something with it. Vase is 7 1/2 inches high with a opening of 6 inches. The bottom is 4 inches. The thickness ranges from just under a 1/4 to almost nothing just above where the side joins the bottom. I think the bottom should have been smaller. I have also got to be more carefull sanding. I almost sanded though the side. I got afraid and left the bottom a little thick. Anyway it should make a good jack-o-lantern.

Critiques/Comments are requested.

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Bubba up and shot the *PIC*
Reminds me of a song...
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