Turning Archive 2006

Wood blank exchange

Mike Cunningham (Cape May)
>I am hoping that everyone has either received their blank or been in communication with their exchange partner.

Over the past week I have fielded several inquiries as to where a participant's blank is or whether someone has received a blank that a participant has sent. Since I can't answer those questions, I have forwarded these email to the party in question and/or provided contact information.

Since the inception of the exchange I have saved, for future reference during the exchange, the several hundred email that I've sent and received. I've also saved the contact information of those paricipating. Very shortly I plan on deleting this accumulation.

If you haven't received your blank, if you're curious as to whether someone has received a blank that you sent, if you have any other questions of the person with whom your exchanging, I suggest you make direct contact soon.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and participation.

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