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It's Here ! Thank You Aaron Gesicki !

Brad Vietje
>My turning exchange gift arrived this afternoon, and its a beauty. Aaron made a really pretty 7" segmented Walnut bowl with a delicate S-curve, and a bead around the rim. The base is a solid piece of highly figured dark Black Walnut that looks like it came from a crotch or burl (great chatoyance !), surrounded by 12 segments of a lighter colored Bl. Walnut. The form and finish are beautifully done. I can't post a pic right now, as I'm between cameras, so I hope Aaron can post one.

The postmaster called to tell me I had a package I had to sign for, so I rushed down to get it -- but not before the phone rang -- my wife called, and when I told her I thought my turning exchange gift had arrived, she asked me to wait until she came home, so we could open it together. I tried to put it out of my mind while working on the shop wiring, but it sure was a long wait.

I'll soon be building a display shelf that will extend all the way around the living room, and this piece will be proudly displayed for all to see ! Thanks, Aaron !

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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It's Here ! Thank You Aaron Gesicki !
You're Welcome. But - no pictures. *NM*
Bummer ! I'll try to take & post a pic. *NM*
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