Turning Archive 2006

How Much Time Do You Turn?

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>Just curious as to how much you guys spend turning in any given day, week, or month (you pick). I just ask because I definitely don't get as much time in the shop as I would like, probably just a few hours a week tops. As I am still a little bit new to turning, I have noticed that on the rare occasions that I get to spend six or so hours out there, I make a great breakthrough with technique or come up with a new design idea. I have seen some really great work posted by folks that have only been turning for a year and I just hope I'm that good when my one year anniversary rolls around. So it's just a poll (and not a competition! :-) ) to satisfy my own curiosity as to how much time I should be telling the wife I need out there. Thanks for your input!
Mike in Fort Walton (and Navarre), FL

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