Turning Archive 2006

What the heck are we doing??

Phil Powell
>Did I wake-up one morning and say "I'm not spending enough money on
tools". That's what my wife wants to know. I do like turning wood a lot, I also
find I have little or no problems with spending money on tools. I've explained
to Nancy (my wife) that buying tools is so much cheaper then hiring professionals.
I pretty sure she's not still biting on that one now. I don't know about all of you,
however I'm pretty sure I spent enough money on lathes, gouges, coring tools,
chucks, ball bearing centers, skews, books, videos and etc. to finance the
Ferrari racing team. I haven't listed the pick-up, chain saws, 220 wiring,
drill presses, grinders........all those other pieces that are so important. I'm not actually here to complain I'm just looking for answers as to why we do what we do.
Some of you may remember my rant about wood chips. Bags and bags of wood
chips. Still haven't solved that one and they just keep piling up.
So puzzle me this "What's the reason? What the heck are we doing?" Give met a few
minutes here please I hear a chain saw outside, down the street and I need some
more wood.........................

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