Turning Archive 2006

Turning Exchange Update and Album Link

David Propst
>Hopefully by now everyone has received their Turning Exchange turning. We had 104 participants from Hawaii to Spain. It has been a blast and I hope everyone has had as much fun with this as I have. If you have not received it or have not heard from your sender please let me know! Below is the complete list of recipents matched with their sender.

Here is a link to an album of the the Turning Exchange photos that have been sent to me or have been posted here. If I have missed anyone please let me know! Sending a photo was not a requirement, but they are fun to see. By my count there are 35 turnings we have yet to see! I'll add to the album as I get more.

Now, when do we do it again? I'm up for twice a year (doing it again this summer). Please share your opinions.

Thank you all for making this such a success!


Aaron Gesicki from Jamie Donaldson
Barbara Gill from e
Barry Scotton from Dennis Yoder
Bernie McGivern from Mac Ray
Bert Smith from Ruth Niles
Bill Grumbine from Jim Shaver
Bill Hale from Dale Sherman
Bill MacLachlan from Earl Erye
Bill Stehman from Jim Pugh
Bob Hackett from George Fitzpatrick
Bobby McCarley from Barry Scotton
Brad Vietje from Aaron A. Gesicki
Carole Valentine from Terry Quiram
Charles Anderson from Matt Birchfield
Chris Andrew from Mike Cunningham
Chris Kuehn from Gary Evans
Chris Rolke from Doug Trembath
Cody Carse from James McClure
Colin Spencer from Dave Peebles
Dale Sherman from Dennis Daudelin
Dave Peebles from Bob Hackett
Dave Smith from Pete Kekel
David Breth from Kelly Marr,
David Chung from Cody Carse
David Propst from Tom Buchner
David Propst from Bill Grumbine
David Ramer from Charles Anderson
Dennis Daudelin from Rick Allen
Dennis Yoder from Stephen Mushinski
Dick Anderson from David Propst
Dick Hines from Lan Brady
Dominic Greco from Greg Kulibert
Donald Orr from Jeff Taylor
Doug Miller from Chris Kuehn
Doug Trembath from Kurt Krauter
e from Chris Rolke
Earl Erye from Terry Daniel
Ed Davidson from Ray Johnson
Ed Karch from Bernie McGivern
Ed Kelle from Phil Joines
Ernie Miller from Dick Hines
Frank Joseph from Doug Miller
Gary Evans from Carole Valentine
George Fitzpatrick from Jorge Castaneda
Gerry Meekins from Harvey Brooks
Greg Kulibert from Mike Andriacco
Harvey Brooks from Jay Kilpatrick
Harvey Meyer from Keith Tompkins
Ian Manley from Gerry Meekins
Jack Savona from Bill Hale
James McClure from Wayne Cooper
Jamie Donaldson from Harvey Meyer
Jay Kilpatrick from Ed Karch
Jeff Taylor from Ray Thompson
Jeff Theil from Ken DeMarco
Jennifer Shirley from Raymond Overman
Jerry Bickenbach from Bobby McCarley
Jill Whitfill from Jeff Theil
Jim Pugh from Mark Kauder
Jim Shaver from Wally Dickerman
John Lucas from Ernie Miller
Jorge Castaneda from Pat Mulligan
Juergen Schleicher from Ron Sardo
Keith Tompkins from Ed Kelle
Keith Zimmerman from Dave Smith
Kelly Marr from Tom Mullane
Ken DeMarco from Kurt Aebi
Ken Grunke from Jack Savona
Kurt Aebi from Steven Antonucci
Kurt Krauter from Scott Greaves
Lan Brady from Michael Sinclair
Mac Ray from Frank Joseph
Mark Kauder from Mark Wollschlager
Mark Wollschlager from Dominic Greco
Matt Birchfield from Chris Andrew
Michael Sinclair from Colin Spencer
Mike Andriacco from Spencer Cone
Mike Cunningham from Barbara Gill
Molly Winton from David Propst
Pascal Oudet from David Ramer
Pat Mulligan from Bill MacLachlan
Paul Porter from Ken Grunke
Pete Kekel from Jerry Bickenbach
Phil Joines from Tony Kennick
Ray Johnson from David Chung
Ray Thompson from Scott Hogsten
Raymond Overman from Bill Stehman
Rick Allen from John Lucas
Ron Sardo from Ed Davidson
Ronny Eelen from Juergen Schleicher
Russ Fairfield from Keith Zimmerman
Ruth Niles from Jennifer Shirley
Scott Greaves from Russ Fairfield
Scott Hogsten from Donald Orr
Spencer Cone from Pascal Oudet
Stephen Mushinski from Stephen Stokes
Stephen Stokes from Paul Porter
Steven Antonucci from Ronny Eelen
Terry Daniel from Brad Vietje
Terry Quiram from Bert Smith
Tom Buchner from Dick Anderson
Tom Mullane from David Breth
Tony Kennick from Jill Whitfill
Wally Dickerman from Ian Manley
Wayne Cooper from Molly Winton

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