Turning Archive 2006

New Dust Protection Item

T Daniel
>I was at the Atlanta Woodworking Show yesterday and while I was off duty I went looking for a replacement for my old 3M (Raccal) helmets that are very tired and now unsupported with replacement parts. I looked at the powered hoods first and had planned to buy one. As I was talking to Terry Cole from Trend about the problem they had had with the plactic faceshield I noticed a smaller mask on display on the wall. I asked if it could be worn with glasses and he said that it could and he showed me how it worked and explained that it filtered the air to the same standards as the full helmet (.3 micron). At the show it was $72 so I decided to take a chance on one. I just power sanded a bowl while wearing it and it worked very well, I could even wear my hat with it (in addition to my glasses). The only problem I found was that it almost got me dog-bit. Charlie just didn't know who that masked man was.

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