Turning Archive 2006

Lighting - More, More, More

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Like most people, once I turned about 45 yrs old, it seems like I need more and more light every year. I have lots of flourecent lighting all over the shop. A couple of years ago, I added four 500 watt work lights in the shop - two pointing at the lathe. I have a couple of those Delta magnetic, gooseneck work lights, and recently I put them both on the head stock of my late to add light where I need it. But they have a warning sticker that says you should only use 40 watt lights in them. However, yesterday, I was in Home Depot and saw some of those curly flourecent lights that you can screw into a regular light socket. They only use 40 watts, but claim to put out the equivolent of a 100 light bulb. Seems to be great, really adds light where I need it.

Have any of you had any experience with them? How sturdy are they? I have been using "Rough duty" bulbs in the lights before this - seemed like the slightest bump would kill the regular bulbs.


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