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Photos For the Next WoodCentral Chat

Ron in Drums PA
>The topic for next Wednesday's Chat will be: Hollow Vessels

I get about 600 emails a week. Please follow this format so I can cut and paste your text when I get your email.

Email subject line:

WC Turners Chat 2/1/06

For the body:

Your Name
Wood Type
Utilitarian or Art


Of course, include a JPG of the piece in your email.

If you have two views for of the same piece, please combined them into one image. The size of the file is not important, I'll take care of that on my end

Email text and images to Ron Sardo

You can view the images for next week's chat here WoodCentral Chat 3.

Thank you for your assistance

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Photos For the Next WoodCentral Chat
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Nope, that wasn't the problem
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