Turning Archive 2006

Give this a critique, I need ideas *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>Originally roughed out last summer as a bowl, after all the chats, I decided to turn it into a hollow form. First real try at that. Finally got the hang of that darn hollowmaster, though it dulls in a few seconds. It is cherry with a walnut lid.

Shapewise, I like the vessel. It is 6"W by 3" high. The opening is large, but since it was not roughed out as a hollow, I couldn't put wood back. But it did make it easier for me to get the hang of hollowing. The top curves into a slight flat, and I wanted it this way. The foot is small at about 1" but I liked the artsy look of it. It does balance well. Hollowed to 3/16".

I am just not sure of the lid. I did a test lid, and found that at 4" diameter it flowed better with the curve of the form. I just had no good ideas what to do with the lid. I like it low, and I didn't want to do a Cindy-like finial. Not that I could anyhow. Any good ideas on what I could do for the lid? I can still make more.

I've been looking at this for days, and went back to touch up a few spots on the form just as we have ben saying, so it is as good as I can do. Even the finish. Deft rubbed down with steel wool to give a natural look.

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