Turning Archive 2006

Delta Lathe Blues

Steve in NC
>18 months ago when I started turning, I purchased a Delta 14" Iron Bed lathe. ( If I had known about this site before buying it I would have gotten better guidance.) Since first using it, it had a vibration at certain speeds. I tried aligning the pulleys, adding weight and calling tech support with no success. Since it was the only lathe I had used, I assumed that it was just the way lathes were.
(After getting a Jet mini for Christmas I learned how smooth a lathe without vibration can run.)

Anyway, last night, I was finishing up a couple of pieces for my first public showing this weekend. I was using the Delta due to the size of the piece when all of the sudden there was a loud bang and the sound a grinding metal. I took off the belt cover to discover that half the variable pulley on the motor had exploded.

Needing to finish the pieces for the show, I removed the rest of the pulley, and installed a 2" fixed pulley I had in my parts box. I adjusted the other pulley to get proper belt tension and luckily the speed was perfect. The more amazing thing is that the lathe ran with almost no vibration!

So now I am wondering, is it possible to install two stepped pulleys and eliminate the speed control or is it possible that a new pulley will solve the problem. I called tech support but they offered no help and refused to warentee the pulley.

Any thoughts out there.

PS - I set up the show this afternoon in the gallery of our church. Sold three pieces while I was putting it up.

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