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Help, Problem Sanding Wet Hollow Form

George Van in WI
>Wally said hollow forms are addictive and he is right. Not wanting to wait for my roughed forms to dry I am trying to hollow green and warp for anticipated final shape. When I sanded a hard maple form it went rather well but the sandpaper still plugged a little. I sanded to 600 grit and then hollowed.

Last night I tried a wet spalted white birch blank and the problems surfaced. The paper plugged continuously, I kept a crepe paper cleaner at my side. It seemed the paper (new) was not even cutting. Next the fiber started chipping out. I smoothed that out but then a flat spot. I shear cut the area and more chip out. I applied a heavy coat of Deft and then was able to cut it but realized the form was now wrong so I reshaped the form and tried sanding again. I still had instant plugging of the new sharp sandpaper and it was from the wood, not the Deft. At the end of three hours all I had a sanded to 400 grit form with a hole drilled. The amusing thing, if there is one, is that it is not even that good of a piece of wood. I feel better to learn on this one though than a beautiful chunk of spalted wood!

I have seen in videos where wet forms are sanded and they look great in the video. I understand more hand sanding will be necessary when the form dries but it looked easier to accomplish the majority power sanding, low speed, while still round before hollowing.

What am I doing wrong, or what could I do right?

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