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Thanks Ken Salisbury - Segmented Bowl Article

David Lykins - Marietta GA - guitardude
>I posted an earlier blurb about making an urn for my roomates dog she lost and had cremated last week. I wanted to make an urn for her to keep the remains in, but I was skeptical of my turning skill level as I'm pretty much still a novice when it comes to turning. I don't even have a bowl chuck yet....

Anyway, I did a Google search on "Making Segmented Bowls" and low and behold Ken's article shows up as the first two listings. After reviewing the pictures....too lazy to read the entire article right now, it made it so clear as to how to cut the peices needed and do the glue up.

So Ken, thanks a bunch for such a great and self explanitory article.

Now I've just got to figure out what size of urn I need in order to cut the peices.

You guys/gals on Wood Central always come through for us wannabe wood workers.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks Ken Salisbury - Segmented Bowl Article
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