Turning Archive 2006


Jim King
>This is what it looks like everynight here now at our conference table (now a temporary makeshift wood ID lab). Mihaly Czako, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate
Department of Biological Sciences , University of South Carolina is in the jungle every day personally collecting and verifying species from a number of samples that we have been supplying him for some time. He will not verify a species unless he personally collects it and revivifies what we have told him. After 20 plus years working with tropical woods I have learned A LOT in the last few days. We have been able to verify two new undocumented species in the first three days and are hoping for several more to prove out in the next week. As he is a member of the International Wood Collectors Society and is quite happy with his findings, he will be sending a report to members in the coming weeks.. Right now he is collecting, cataloguing and preserving samples, doing chemical analysis etc. as the photos show. This has been a very interesting and informative experience for us here and we are looking forward to the next few years of more of the same. We will now be able know and actually be able to tell people what we are working with. I never had an idea a plant had so many pieces and true wood ID by an expert was this complicated.

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