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T Daniel
>Suggestions please: do we keep going with the critique chats or maybe just do one critique per month? I have received requests to do a segmented chat, a night on lidded boxes and finial lidded vessels, pens, cremation urns, textured/enhanced pieces, plates and platters, and the list keeps growing. I am learning a lot from these chats. I appreciate those of you who are brutally honest; I have had to go back and look at several of my pieces again. I apologize to those who I may have offended; it was not intentional. I have learned that some things are regional and some of us just don't like certain shapes while others love them. I have also learned that some shapes are universally liked and appear to be timeless. I think I see a trend in moving away from the tiny foot popular in the books that I used when learning to turn; I also see a trend toward a shorter foot or no foot. What do you folks think?

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