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Trying some bottle stoppers, PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

After seeing all the beautiful bottle stoppers people here have been posted, I thought I would give it a go on a few. I really don't do that much spindle work, it's mostly bowls and the occasional hollow form. Actually, since early November, I've not been turning much. I am helping some friends build two walls of builtin bookcases and cabinets. While it is good fun, my lathe was getting dusty with plywood dust! These were a fun way to get a quick little bit of turning in.

Many thanks to all the great previous posts that gave ideas and hints about how to turn these. I tried some of the solid chrome stoppers, corks and the silicone. I've found that I like the look of the corks, very traditional, but the silicone tend to work best. I like the look of the chrome, very sleek and modern, but they just don't seem to fit the bottle as well. Also, I don't like that so much of the stopper part shows up above the bottle rim. Maybe I just need wider mouthed bottles? :)

Sorry for so many pics, but I wanted the details to show. Suggestions, critiques and comments are always welcome. I've a really thick skin!

Thanks for taking a look,


I like them all best when they are *out* of my chianti in Apex, NC!!!

First pick are the chrome ones. One on the left is Redwood root burl and the one on the right is Maple burl.

Second pic are the silicone ones. One on the left is olive (ummm, that stuff is GREAT to turn!) and the one on the right is African blackwood. That stuff takes a lovely polish, very shiney and smooth feeling.

Last set are the cork ones. The one in the middle is a blue dyed curly maple. The outside ones are more African Blackwood. The maple was supposed to be a sort of whimsical color. I think it just missed it somehow?

Finally, a pic of them all together. Fun stuff!

Thanks for taking a look :)

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