Turning Archive 2006

Say goodbye to Ash...

Devon Palmer
>My father reported the other day, that the Indiana DNR has been clear cutting large groves of Ash trees as a means of combatting the Emerald Ash Borer. They cut'em down, shove them in a pile, and burn them (I would assume they are infected, but, it wouldn't suprise me if it was pre-emptive). Supposedly, you are allowed to mill them onsite if you cut them to 1 inch of thickness as the wood dries out fast enough to prevent the grubs from reaching maturity.

I've also seen postings at interstate rest stops that warn against transporting of wood across state lines and it specifically mentions the emerald Ash borer.

It saddens me as Ash is one of my favorite woods for single turned bowls. I was lucky enough to turn 4 truckloads of it last summer and fall, but, I'm left wondering if there will be hardly any left in 2-5 years.

Anyone have any more insights?

- Devo

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