Turning Archive 2006

Soooo...what next?

David Breth
>I'm enjoying turning enough, and feel after a year that I'm going to stick with it for the long term, that I've found myself willing to part with a few items from other hobbies to grow the turning. That means I'm going to generate $1,000 - $1,500 in the near term. Here are my thoughts (I could use help with #2)

#1 priority: Dust Collector - I've researched several, will probably spend $700-ish here.

#2 priority: Bandsaw - I could use some help here - models, features, be-sure-to-avoid hints. I'm guessing I would use this a couple of times a month. Mostly this would be used to turn square blanks round, and to cut the odd slab in half. I don't think I need tremendous capacity, just a machine with enough substance to do the job without dancing around the shop. can I do something credible for a couple hundred bucks (used or new)?

#3 priority: I told my wife if there is money left over at this point, I'll give her $100 or $150 play money. Basically, I'm going to make sure that happens.

#4 priority: Lathe - I might be able to put a few pennies aside for someday or maybe find something used. I'm using a Fisch (mini-lathe) now. It is ok, not great, and I'm starting to get a little frustrated being restricted to 10" diameter.

#4 alternate priority: save pennies toward a gas chainsaw - I've got a decent electric chainsaw, but I'm tethered to the driveway. Ever since I got the thing all I find is availble wood too big for me to take home to the driveway.

#4 alternate priority: turning classes. I think I've got that covered through some events my turning club is hosting.

Any thoughts are appreciated, especially bandsaw comments - there are zillions out there, and I just don't know what I'm looking at relative to makers, features, capacity, power, etc. I could use some help narrowing the field even just a little bit.

Thanks for reading a 2 a.m. rant for help.

David B.

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