Turning Archive 2006

Turners in MD

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>To all turners in Maryland,

Uncle Sam has decided in his infinite wisdom that it is in my (and his) best interest to retrain me into Public Affairs. The school is going to take place at Fort Meade. I'll be driving up there during the last week of March and will be in the area for three months. That's a long time without holding a gouge! I was wondering what the closest clubs are and whether or not I might be able to get away with paying a three month prorated membership. Also, please let me know if any of you would be interested in getting together for an afternoon or two to talk shop. LOML will be staying down here in Florida for the duration of my training. Feel free to reply here or e-mail me at mandriacco1@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!
Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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